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At Art of Time 2021, the synergy between worlds of art and watchmaking is presented with the help of two prominent and outstanding local artists. This unique collaboration between Anniketyni Madian and Nor Tijan Firdaus serves as a homage to the local arts scene. ​

​The artworks created by these highly-respected personalities of the Malaysian art scene exemplifies the deep ties haute horology has with art. It also serves as a platform to display each artists’ creative vision. Changemakers and innovators, these talented ladies have used their artforms to inspire important issues such as social change and sustainability, which will be showcased throughout the event. ​

Anniketyni Madian


One of Malaysia’s leading female wood sculptors

A graduate from Universiti Teknology Mara (UITM) with a Master’s in Fine Art & Technology, Anniketyni is one of the few female sculptors in Malaysia. The Malaysian born sculptor began her career in 2008, specialising in bringing her artforms to life with a variety of woods.

Much of her inspirations are derived from drawings and the Pua Kumbu textiles of her native home in Sarawak. Incorporating traditional designs and patterns with her own modern interpretation, Anniketyni’s sculptures take on a life of their own, making them highly coveted art pieces amongst collectors as well as enthusiasts.




Time Machine by Anniketyni Madian​

100cm x 150cm​

Mixed hardwood, Epoxy resin, Metal & stainless steel sheets & gear motor 2021​

‘Time Machine’. This is the theme Anniketyni adopts for Art of Time 2021. Created exclusively for Swiss Watch Gallery’s 20th anniversary, the art piece incorporates elements of mixed hardwood, epoxy resin, metal and stainless steel sheets and gear motors. ​

“The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories,” explains the artist. “Everything that has even been and ever will be is happening right now.” ‘Time Machine’ sees the artist utilise many elements such as scrapped and discarded parts and accessories to bring the sculpture to life. ​

“I upcycle and memorialize the previously unwanted items, which in turn serves as a timely reminder for us to be better stewards. This is to ensure our valuable resources are not squandered or exploited but used wisely for the progress of all.” ​


Nor Tijan Firdaus



Promoting sustainability through art ​

A true eco-minded contemporary artist, Nor Tijan has been making waves for her craftsmanship in turning e-waste into works of fine art. The UITM graduate takes a painstakingly methodical approach in creating her art pieces, utilising various forms of e-waste and paint to inject life to her two-dimensional sculptures. ​

An artist with a unique vision, her use of electronic components and parts in her artform not only adds depth and perspective but also serves as a reminder for contemporary society. It acts as juxtaposition of our reliance on technology and our gadgets and our disconnect with nature. ​



Time Tunnel by Nor Tijan Firdaus

​100cm x 150cm (not including frame) ​

E-waste on Wood Panel Coated with Matte 2k Epoxy Resin 2021​​

As seen her in extensive body of work, Nor Tijan once again address the effects of consumerism on sustainability in our everyday lives. This underlying message remains at the core of Nor Tijan’s exclusive artwork created specifically for Art of Time 2021. ​ ​

‘Time Tunnel’ is an intricate sculpture, which sees Nor Tijan utilising e-waste on a wood panel coated with matte resin to breathe life into her art piece. “This gives a transparent effect in a pixelated form, connoting the issues of global warming, which is something that can be seen and felt, yet we are ignoring it”, explains the artist. ​

Nor Tijan hopes that ‘Time Tunnel’, presents an opportunity for us to get a clearer picture about our future and our waste issues. With upcycling a core theme, Nor Tijan is helping highlight the important issues of sustainability and materialism to her audience, one artwork at a time. ​

Anniketyni is today ranked as perhaps the foremost sculptor of her generation, with an innate ability to bring a sense of movement and fluidity into what is considered a hard, inflexible material. Her boundary-pushing woodworking techniques and elaborately designed sculptures also draw close resemblance to the intricate art of watchmaking. Nor Tijan, on the other hand, has been making waves as a full-time contemporary artist with her masterful play of mixed media and especially e-waste. Nor Tijan’s determination to create awareness around environmental sustainability through her art is aligned with Swiss Watch’s ambition to contribute to a more sustainable future for luxury within our community. The artwork specially created by both artists for Swiss Watch 20th Anniversary were unveiled at Art of Time 2021.

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