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BOVET Récital 28 “Prowess 1” Takes over the World

The BOVET Récital 28 “Prowess 1” is a groundbreaking timepiece designed to tackle the complexities of Daylight-Saving Time (DST) and global timekeeping challenges. Unlike traditional world time watches, the Récital 28 features an innovative roller system allowing adjustments to any of the 24 global time zones, including UTC, American Summertime, Europe and America Summertime, and European Wintertime. Additionally, it displays an expanded flying tourbillon, a perpetual calendar with roller-based indications, and an impressive 10-day power reserve from a single barrel.

With a history of crafting multi-time zone timepieces, BOVET has dedicated over five years to develop the Récital 28 “Prowess 1”. Meticulously hand-finished and limited to just eight timepieces per year, it comes in 18K Red Gold, 950 Platinum, and Grade 5 Titanium. This timepiece represents a significant advancement in solving terrestrial timekeeping issues, ensuring precision in global timekeeping.

The Récital 28 Prowess 1 uniquely addresses the modern timekeeping challenge posed by DST, allowing adjustments to various time zones with its roller system. Every component is meticulously hand-finished and hand-engraved, highlighting BOVET’s dedication to craftsmanship.

The timepiece’s intricate details include a World Time system with 24 rollers controlled through the crown, a redesigned double-sided flying tourbillon, and a perpetual calendar mechanism revealed on the back for the first time ever. Each of its 744 components undergoes hand-finishing, with particular attention to detail in decoration and finishing techniques such as perlage, Cotes de Geneve, and hand-engraving.

Production of the Récital 28 Prowess 1 is highly limited, with only eight timepieces crafted per year due to weeks of assembly for each movement. Available in 18K Red Gold, 950 Platinum, and Polished Grade 5 Titanium, this timepiece represents the pinnacle of BOVET’s dedication to precision and innovation in high watchmaking.

“With the Récital 20 Astérium, the Récital 22 Grand Récital, and the Récital 26 Chapter Two, we focused on combining the heavens and the Earth,” Mr. Raffy details. “With the Récital 28 Prowess 1, we are solving the terrestrial time problem with a world timer that can be adjusted for all the variations in timekeeping around the world. With this timepiece, you will never be at a loss for what time it is anywhere in the world.”

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TUDOR Celebrates the Daring Spirit with Black Bay Chrono “Pink”

TUDOR has recently become the Official Timekeeper of Inter Miami CF, a leading global football club known for its daring spirit and visionary approach to the game. Spearheaded by TUDOR ambassador and Inter Miami Co-Owner David Beckham, alongside Managing Owner Jorge Mas and Co-Owner Jose Mas, the club has quickly risen to prominence in just its fifth season.

The Daring Colour PINK

In the spirit of audacious TUDOR ambassadors, the new iteration of the Black Bay Chrono diverges from the convention. A pink dial may be a surprise, but challenging norms is the core of TUDOR’s DNA. This daring design earns a distinguished place within the TUDOR collection.

The Official Timekeeper

As the Official Timekeeper of Inter Miami CF, TUDOR’s presence will be felt around the club’s Chase Stadium, further solidifying its connection with the team. The partnership between TUDOR and David Beckham predates the club’s establishment, with Beckham having worn a unique TUDOR Pelagos model bearing the Inter Miami CF crest for years. This official collaboration symbolizes TUDOR’s longstanding association with the club.

TUDOR Ambassadors

When the leader of the Giro d’Italia dons the pink jersey, it is a badge of honour, symbolizing distinction, and pride. David Beckham integrated pink into Inter Miami CF’s aesthetic to stand out in a sea of competitors. Jay Chou has made pink his signature, a bold statement recognized by his followers. These TUDOR ambassadors embrace pink with purpose, understanding that boldness often defies convention. The Black Bay Chrono “Pink” may not appeal to all, and that is precisely the point; its exclusivity is part of its allure.

Embracing the Black Bay aesthetic, the Black Bay Chrono inherits the iconic “Snowflake” hands, optimized for readability on its pink dial. Paying homage to the first-generation TUDOR chronographs, the design includes a 45-minute counter and a date aperture. Preserving the Black Bay’s signature features, the steel case exhibits meticulous craftsmanship, with bevelled lugs and a TUDOR rose-signed crown. The stainless-steel pushers draw inspiration from TUDOR’s inaugural chronographs, while the fixed bezel with tachymetric scale epitomizes functionality and style.

The Black Bay Chrono “Pink” celebrates audacity, merging heritage with innovation in a timepiece that defies convention. It is a testament to TUDOR’s commitment to excellence and the enduring allure of daring design.

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